How do I send or return a DHL parcel from an OOHPod locker?

Learn how you can send DHL parcels, or return retail purchases to retailers with DHL, from any OOHPod locker in Ireland.


  1. On the OOHPod locker screen, touch Drop Off and then choose 
    I am a Customer
  2. To open a locker, scan the DHL barcode containing the DHL tracking number. The scanner is located on the left, just below the screen. 
    Scanner image
  3. The DHL tracking number is 21 digits long and begins with "( J ) J D" If there is more than one barcode on the label, cover the others and make sure you are scanning the tracking barcode only. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, AS IF YOU SCAN THE WRONG BARCODE, THE LOCKER WILL NOT OPEN
    If you have difficulty scanning the DHL barcode, you can key it in instead using the onscreen keyboard, start with JD and leave out the first ( J )      
    Enter Manually
  4. A locker door will open. If is it the correct size, place your parcel inside and close the door. If you need a bigger locker, close the door and touch “Open Bigger” on the screen. Repeat until you get the appropriate size locker, place your parcel inside and close the door.



And that’s it! DHL will come to collect your parcel on their next delivery round and you can follow it’s progress on

Need further help? You can contact OOHPod Support using the Chat button in the bottom right of your screen.

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